Focus and scope

IJCCD publishes research articles in the field of “Cultural and Community Development” . Articles that report and analyze innovative approaches, challenge conventional knowledge, and draw connections between community development and concerns of social justice, diversity, and environmental sustainability are given priority for publication.

Subject matter here includes studies of economic growth and technological advancement aimed at enhancing local populations' ability to meet their own basic requirements over the long term. Many different things fall under this category, such as but not limited to SMEs, education, economic innovation, and original products.

Education theory, research, implementation, and practices that aim to increase community knowledge fall within the purview of this topic, as do attempts, models, conceptual frameworks, and other forms of study. This method goes beyond traditional academic study and community-based initiatives.

Preservation and improvement of community health through a variety of techniques, including physical and mental healing from previous diseases, are all within the purview of this subject's research. Certain methods are provided as part of community service to individuals or groups.