Guide for authors

We provide our authors flexibility in formatting their manuscripts. Therefore, we do not use any specific template. However, author require to obey this following rules:

1. Title in English and Indonesia, within 8-12 Words. The manuscript title is short and informative.
2. The abstract is in English and can be read as stand-alone text and does not exceed 300 words.
3. We accept article in any length. we do not impose any limit on article length or the number of tables and figures.
4. For citation and references, please use Vancouver system (author-number system). See this (wikipedia) for example. However, please use square bracket for citation rather than superscript. Use of reference manager is preferable.
5. Your references is within 15-30 references (more than 30 is allowed for review article type). Website reference allowed only if the URL is permanent, and not more than 10% of the references. You can use,, or to permanent your URL.
6. Please insert the fund name and contract number, if available.
7. Languange of the article is English or Indonesia. The article sections in sequence are introduction, literature review (if any), methods (if any), results and discussion (if any), conclusions, acknowledgment (if any), funders (if any), conflict of interest statements, and references.

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